This is an early Alpha version of Time-creator. It isn't as easy to use I would like, but extremely useful. It will be worth your time to learn to use it. I use this product at work and home every day and I will say it's very useful.

This version is free and Copyright by Kravatz, Inc. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

View a video of downloading the spreadsheet.

This version is compatible with Excel 2007 and 2010. If you're interested in running a version in Excel 2000 or 2003 drop me an email at and if I get enough demand I'll try to create a version for these platforms.

Download by right-clicking link to right and select SaveAs Time-Creator for Excel 2007 or 2010

If you can't download XLSM type files you can try the Zipped Version of Time-Creator

By downloading this software you agree to the following:

  • This is alpha software, it will be hard to use, may not work on your computer
  • Not selling the software
  • Not reverse engineering the software
  • Not competing in any time tracking, goal setting or informational access type software
  • Hold the developers harmless for any issues you have